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The TAYLOR name has been linked with the UK lock industry since 1925.  In 1985 the Taylor Lock Company designed and manufactured the Taylor 3000, one of the first electric locks introduced to the UK market.  The Taylor 3000 has withstood the test of time with most of the original locks still installed and operational after 25 years of use.  

In 2007, the Taylor 3500 series of locks was conceived as the next generation electric lock with a number of advances over the older design. The T3558 is the company's flagship product designed for high-traffic applications in multiple-occupancy buildings.  This lock  "soft closes" and automatically dead-locks with minimum effort and is renowned for its quiet operation.  

In 2009, the Taylor Lock Company became a subsidiary of Energenics Holdings Pte Ltd, Singapore securing funding for further product development and manufacturing scale-up. Products are designed and tested in the UK and volume manufacturing is undertaken by Silica Tool Manufacturing and Allied Services Pvt Ltd, India.

Today, the Taylor Lock Company designs and provides high security electrical and wireless locks to meet the access control needs of residential, commercial and industrial properties.  

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