The T3558 Electric Lock

The Taylor Lock Company Ltd 

...silently secure


Over 20 years ago, the Taylor Lock Company designed the Taylor 3000, one of the first electric locks introduced to the UK market.  In 2007, the all-stainless steel Taylor 3500 series was conceived as the next generation of locks with a number of advances over the older Taylor 3000 design.  


Within the Taylor 3500 range,  the Taylor 3558 is completely interchangeable with, and designed to retrofit, the older Taylor 3000.  Also, it is "handable"  and can be fitted without having to "up-end" the lock during installation.  

Particularly suitable for deployment in

  • High traffic situations e.g. communal doors in multi-occupancy buildings 
  • Harsh environments e.g. external gates and perimeter doors.



Deadlocks automatically on closure deterring attempts to “slip the latch” with a card. 


Offers minimal resistance to door closing. The door will soft close and lock with less than 2Nm of effort.


Tested to over 200,000 operations and designed to withstand over one ton of side pressure in a forceful attack.


Lower “fitted” cost than latch/electrical release combinations.


Approved to BS:EN14846 for electro-mechanically operated locks.


Fits right or left hand on either inward or outward opening doors.

The Taylor 3558 electric lock represents a unique concept in door security with a distinctive patented mechanism.  It can be deployed with any Access Control or Building Management system.  It is very simple to install and can be used on either inward or outward opening doors of either hand without modification.   

The positive acting automatic deadlock is designed so that the latch is immune to “slipping” with cards or other flexible substrates. Also, the vertical bolt locking arrangement deters forced "jemmy" opening. 

The lock is very robust.  It has been tested to over 200,000 operations and is designed to withstand over one ton of side pressure in a forceful attack.  It will also operate and release against high side pressures.

The Automatic Deadlock is released electrically when operated by an Access Control system.  However, mechanical override is provided and the bolt can always be released from the inside by a lever handle making the T3558 suitable for use as a Night Latch or Escape Lock.  The bolt can also be released from the outside using a cylinder key.

Costing less to install than many latch/electric release combinations, the T3558 represents an economical, quiet and very secure alternative access control solution.  The lock offers minimal resistance to door closing, eliminating the need for expensive and powerful door closers.


Case: Stainless Steel (72mm x 108.5mm x 13mm) pierced for 17mm euro profile cylinder.
Forend: Stainless Steel (25.4mm x 168mm)
Follower: Brass
Backset: 58.5 mm
Cylinder: Case pierced for 17mm profile cylinder. Alternatives: 22mm piercing for Kaba 20, Ingersoll SC74/SC76
Solenoid: Continuously rated 12V dc, 350 mA maximum current
Temperature range: -25°C to 70°C